What is foster care?

Foster care simply means caring for a child in your own home if they are unable to live with their own family. Foster care can be temporary or long-term. Foster parents do not assume parental responsibility for the children in their care. This is held by either their parent(s) or jointly with the local authority.

What do foster children need?

As a foster parent, you can help a vulnerable child by giving them security, care, guidance and practical support, in a safe and nurturing environment. Foster carers also facilitate and support visits and contact with the foster child’s own family.

What support is available to foster carers?

Foster carers will receive training and professional development from their fostering agency. The support with cover the emotional and practical challenges of fostering.

You will receive financial support payments from your fostering agency to cover all the expenses associated with caring for your foster child or children. There are also unique and generous tax benefits and allowances for foster families.

What families will be considered for fostering?

Any individual or family can apply to become a foster carer, you can be single or in a long-term relationship. You can be with or without children and you also do not need to own your home. You must however have a spare room available.

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