What a creative start to the week! – Art Workshop with Darrell Wakelam

Darrell kicked off our Art Workshop by showing us and the children his previous creations out of recycled items found in the home, ranging from a yoghurt pot tiger to a large 6ft cardboard totem! Darrel says “I undertake art projects based on all manner of themes, size and ideas”

Darrell says “Incorporating simple techniques and cheap everyday materials, mainly scrap cardboard and paper, makes the outcomes accessible and achievable for even the youngest of participants. I love what I do and I hope that is apparent in the work that I create. I enjoy working with children, I admire their adaptability and resourcefulness, I appreciate their honesty and I am always amazed by their energy and enthusiasm. In return I try my best to match these attributes.”

The task for the children was to create a bird made from cardboard, Darrell was clear and concise in his directions and adapted well to the children’s abilities and requirements, answering all their questions and keeping them all very engaged. Everyone made some amazing birds!

Darrell has spent his whole working life creating artwork with children and young people, mainly in schools but also in museums, libraries, theatres and as a part of festivals or events. He has worked as an art tutor and set up his own business ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ in 2005. Since then he has provided art workshops and training sessions for hundreds of different organisations including many Primary and Secondary Schools, ‘Arts’ providers and also larger clients such as the World Wildlife Fund, The National Trust and The Natural History Museum.

Natalie Lohneis, Diagrama’s Head of Adoption & Fostering Services said “It was a great way to start the week and an opportunity to encourage the children to get creative in a simple yet engaging way. With the current restrictions it is difficult to determine when the children will all be able to get together again so the online workshops are a great way to keep connected.”

Margaret Gardiner, Diagrama’s Fostering & Adoption Team Manager whose grandchildren Finley and Elliott took part in the workshop said “My grandsons loved the workshop and were very enthusiastic about it, they couldn’t wait to go and show their mum what they had made.”

We would like to say a huge thank you to Darrell Wakelam, if you would like to find out more about Darrell Wakelam’s art workshops visit his website here. It’s a hive full of resources and ideas for you and your children to get creative.

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