Make a difference with fostering

Create brighter futures for vulnerable children with a not-for-profit fostering agency that cares about you too

Develop new skills

Access to round the clock support

Care with confidence


How do you know whether fostering’s right for you?

It’s only natural to have a lot of questions if you’ve never fostered before. And when you don’t have all the answers it can put you off from taking that important first step. It can be nerve-wracking. We get it. That’s why we make it easy to find out whether fostering is the right role for you.

Are you wondering...

  • Do I have the right skills to foster?
  • Can fostering fit in with my job?
  • Do I need a spare room to foster a child?
  • What fostering checks are done?
  • What happens when fostering goes wrong?
  • How long does the fostering process take?
  • How much does fostering pay?

Our information event is a great way to get the answers you need from the people who understand what’s involved and have fostered themselves.

Fostering is life-changing. Are you ready to transform a child's life?

At Diagrama Fostering we understand what a bewildering time this can be. Fostering is a life-changing experience and is a huge undertaking - with immense reward.

There are thousands of children in the UK in desperate need of a safe and secure foster home right now. And we strive to recruit the very best foster carers for the most vulnerable children in your community.

We need people who are committed to their own personal development as well as being able to support the child or children in their care to thrive.

Our information events are a great first step to find out whether you have the qualities we are looking for and the practical environment required to effectively support a child in your home.

Our online events are held monthly and last around 90 minutes. You will hear a short presentation about fostering and then have a chance to ask any questions from the people working in fostering.

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What you can expect to learn at a Diagrama Fostering Information Event

  • WHO NEEDS FOSTERING? Learn about the vulnerable children in need of fostering, the different types of foster care they need and what type might suit you best.
  • WHAT IS FOSTERING TRAINING? Understand what’s really involved in the fostering assessment process and what training you’ll receive to make sure you have the skills for the job.
  • WHAT DOES THE FOSTERING PROCESS ENTAIL? Discover the detailed process we go through to ensure children are well matched with their foster carers (and their foster carers’ children too!) to offer a stable and secure home that is a positive experience for everyone involved.
  • WHO CAN FOSTER? Our foster carers come from all walks of life - we’ll explain who can foster and what the regulations are around the environment you live in and your family considerations too.
  • WHAT FOSTERING AGENCY SHOULD I USE? Meet our welcoming team and learn about the central role our foster carers play in the service, what it means to foster with a non-profit agency that puts the needs of children (and not profits) first and hear what our foster carers really think of Diagrama.
  • HOW MUCH WILL FOSTERING PAY? We’ll explain the benefits and allowances our foster carers can expect to receive to help them provide the best possible support for the child in their care.

Why foster carers choose to work with Diagrama

  • WE’RE PART OF A CHARITY – Diagrama Fostering is part of Diagrama Foundation, a charity supporting vulnerable children, adults and families. We don’t make a profit from foster care - we make sure all our surplus funds go straight back into providing the best service possible.
  • WE’RE HERE FOR YOU – We strive to provide outstanding expert support for our amazing foster carers. This includes specialist education advice.
  • WE VALUE YOU – Our foster carers play a crucial role at the heart of our expert team. To recognise our appreciation for their dedicated work we offer a generous benefits package free training, 24/7 support, additional payments and holiday cover.
  • WE BELIEVE IN YOU – We invest heavily in the continual personal development of our foster carers by providing our regular expert training and appraisal programme to help you develop new skills.

Making a difference is simple - just take the next step

This is your chance to become an inspiring role model that children in care desperately need. Taking the next step is simple:

1. ATTEND THE EVENT – We’ll meet virtually and our events are held regularly.

2. FIND OUT ABOUT FOSTERING - Meet our friendly foster carers and team online, listen to the presentation and ask any questions you may have. Meetings usually last between 1 to 2 hours.

3. KNOW WHETHER FOSTERING’S RIGHT FOR YOU - Feel confident you have honest, reliable and comprehensive information to understand whether fostering is the right pathway for you, from the people that know. Making a difference is simple - just take the next step.

Don’t let fear of the unknown stand in the way of doing something remarkable with your life

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to who would or wouldn’t make a fantastic foster carer. The only way to know for sure whether it’s right for you and your lifestyle is to learn more, ask questions and think it over in your own time. Foster carers are ordinary people just like you. Some have jobs, some stay at home. Some are single, some married. Some have their own children, some have never been parents themselves before. Every case is unique and at Diagrama we consider each applicant on their own merits. If you believe you could make a positive difference to a child’s life, we’d love to hear from you. Just take the first step.