How to prepare for a foster child in your family

When welcoming a new foster child to your family, one of the biggest aspects to consider is how your children will cope with sharing their home and their parents. Some children may feel anxious, jealous or insecure about having a new child in the house. Particularly one who may have a very different life experience and background to theirs. They may require a lot of attention and these feelings are completely valid and must be taken into account.

Huge benefits of welcoming a foster child into your family

There is potential for a negative impact when asking a child to share their family, their home and their toys with someone they don’t know. Although, having a foster sibling can also be an enriching experience.

Children can gain insight and empathy for other lives and experiences. They can see their own lives in an even more positive light when they see the effect that spending time in their home can have on more disadvantaged children. It can also be an opportunity to act as a positive role model and learn new skills. And making friends and spending time with other kids can also be great fun!

Support and reassurance

Your children must get time with you and reassurance that they are still a priority for you, despite the additional demands that fostering places on your time and attention. They will also receive support from your fostering agency and social services if necessary. With the right support and understanding, your whole family can help to provide a wonderful safe home for a vulnerable child in need, while still meeting the needs of your children.

More information

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