Allowances For Foster Carers

We understand that Fostering is a life-changing decision and sometimes it can be difficult to ask those all-important questions. It’s only natural to want to know ‘How much will I get paid?’

So we’ve made it easy for you by answering this important question below.

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How much do Foster Carers get paid?

As a Diagrama Foster Carer you will work on a self-employed basis and will become a valued member of our team.  Some expenses may be covered and you will also receive a minimum fee of £415 per child, per week depending on the individual needs of each child.

Fees are negotiated with the Local Authority on an individual basis. You must make weekly savings (currently £10 per child) and provide appropriate pocket money. This payment also covers expenses for clothing, including school uniforms, shoes, coats etc as well as any clubs and costs associated with that.

Parent and child fees are charged at a full fee for the child and parent if under 18, or 1/2 fee for the parent (s) if the parents are over 18. Full fee for each additional sibling.

Additional bonus payments of £100 (per child) are paid to help with birthdays, summer holidays and Christmas.

But we all deserve a break right? We understand that foster carers may want a well deserved rest, we therefore provide 14 days’ paid holiday every year to carers and their families.

If you have any other question regarding Foster Carers allowances and want to discuss your own situation, get in touch with our friendly team, call 0800 802 1910 or email,

'We have felt well supported with Diagrama, they help us think through things realistically and consider our whole family'

Diagrama Foster Carer

Foster care payment examples

You want to make sure that you will be financially secure as a foster carer. We get it. So we’ve put together a few examples to help you see whether fostering is the right financial choice for you.

  • Example 1 – If Isabelle fosters one child aged three then she will receive a weekly payment of £415
  • Example 2 – If Louie and Mason foster two siblings aged seven and ten then they will receive a weekly payment of £830
  • Example 3 – If Emma and Thomas foster a parent and their eight month old son they will receive a weekly payment of £415 per child (including the parent if under 18) and £207.50 for any parent over 18.

If you do not have a child in placement then you will not receive a Foster Care payment.

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'We chose to foster with Diagrama from the start as they understood how important it was for the foster placement to fit in with our children'

Diagrama Foster Carer

Tax relief for foster carers

The Government offers additional tax exemptions for foster carers.

For example, if you have one child (aged under 11) in your care for 52 weeks a year, you would receive just under £21k a year, before expenses, and would be tax-exempt. This could rise to £41,600 a year for fostering two teenage children (equivalent of a taxed salary around £57k).

Ready to consider becoming a foster carer? You can find out more about the application process here. Apply to be a Foster Carer