Transfer to diagrama fostering

Transfer to Diagrama Fostering

We are always keen to hear from foster carers who want to broaden their skills, work with a therapeutic, child-focused agency and give their foster children the best possible chance in life.

Diagrama Fostering doesn’t believe in actively seeking to recruit foster carers from local authorities or other agencies. However, we understand there are occasions where it is appropriate for foster carers to transfer and we can support you with that.

At Diagrama Fostering we pride ourselves on providing a personal service, with excellent support, training, a generous foster care allowance and the reassurance of knowing you will be a highly valued member of our team.

If you’re already registered as a foster carer with another independent fostering agency or local authority and are planning to move home or switch fostering agencies for any other reason, we are happy to discuss arranging a transfer to Diagrama Fostering.

Everyone has the right to transfer agencies and the process is governed by the Fostering Network ‘Protocol for The Transfer of carers between Agencies’

The transfer process

Our first consideration is always to ensure your child’s placement is not disrupted and to enable you to continue your work with minimal disruption during the transfer process. One of our social workers will first visit you to discuss your transfer to Diagrama. They will explain the process, including our need to:

  • carry out an assessment
  • present this to our Fostering Panel
  • seek Agency Decision Maker approval
  • officially register you as a Diagrama foster carer.

If you have children or young people currently placed with you, following a protocol meeting with the placing Local Authority, an agreement is very likely to be reached for the children to transfer to Diagrama Fostering with you.

Diagrama is committed to maintaining the current terms of the placement between both you and the placing local authority. You usually continue to receive the same level of payment, expenses and services to support the child for the duration of the placement, where these exceed those currently provided by Diagrama Fostering.

If you wish to transfer to us and do not have any children in placement, the process is much quicker and straightforward.

Our aim is to complete all foster carer transfers within four months.

For further information on transferring to Diagrama Fostering please contact our Fostering Manager Catherine Moore for an informal chat.